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Mathematical logicians are endangered academics?

August 18, 2010

Or maybe they are endangered species too.

Well this is what it seems to me anyway from where I am (Australia). Had I done something more in the lines of machine learning, sensor networks or computer vision, etc.  maybe the job prospects for me being a researcher or lecturer may not be so hard. Who would care or want someone who is doing something in Logic in AI? Some people, I suspect, think this is just useless research. So the probability of me landing a research or lecturing position is right now 0.

I remember my first supervisor after I told him I wanted to do some theory, he said “I am not going to do theory”. He did not tell me why, but now I know. Of course, I switched to another supervisor anyway and my educational journey was thoroughly satisfying, I felt I did learn heaps, I did learn something.

Christian Marks in his post here, said Wall Street is waking up to mathematical logicians. Ok so he says Wall Street need someone who does ordinal numbers but set theory and logic are so intertwined. When one deals with pure maths, mathematical logic is just round the corner. I hope it is true.

GASARCH in his post Alternative Careers for Logicians, mentions that there is a good market for Catholic Priests and Protestant Ministers. I know in my denomination, the number of congregations needing a pastor is quite high indeed. Who knows, I may be looking at that possibility.

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