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Dangerous Maths, Dangerous Knowledge

February 21, 2012


This is a documentary produced by BBC in 2007, the subject of which is mathematical logic. It is rather dangerous knowledge, seems like the great ones touched fire and got burned.
It is interesting that though Turing showed that there are things that can not be computed by a computer, yet he believed that one day it can go at par in capability with the human mind. I find this stance inconsistent with the implications of one’s research results.

The last part of the documentary focused back on Gödel and I have found this part of the film quite appropriate since in my view the discoveries of Gödel have far more encompassing implication that goes beyond the results discovered by say Einstein. So to summarise…
>The mathematician’s tool has limits (pro Gödel).
>There is no limit to infinity (contra Cantor).

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