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Between OCaml and F#

June 15, 2012


I have been studying the choice between OCaml and F#. I am being drawn to OCaml for some reason. It seems to me that OCaml is more fun and it runs on iPad too. A company built a tool chain for OCaml to run on an iPad/iPhone. Since the F# creators openly confess that their language was inspired by OCaml, then studying it first should be a fruitful exercise because the transition to F# should be seamless. Another thought is that it is very remote that a C# shop will transition to F#. The reason is that the investment has already been made and the inertia to move from a chosen path will not be conducive. For after all, if C# is not broken, what is there to fix. So my reading validates the observation of others, that is, any Microsoft shop which goes the F# route will do so assuming it has not gone deep into C# investment. However, how many Microsoft shops are like that? Not many.

The pic is from National Geographic, credits to them.

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