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March 21, 2013

Just to let you know I can hack if needed, this post will serve as note to self on how I installed Mac OS X on an old HP DC7800 desktop. This is the second Mac OS X that I have installed; the first was with an ASUS netbook EEE PC 1000h. A university friend said they were throwing away their old PCs so I asked if he could throw one on my side of the fence,  so he did.  I figured why not install a Mac OS X? So I ventured to install it on a non-Apple desktop.

>The box below is my HP Compaq dc7800My Mac OS X running on none Apple H/W

My Mac OS X running on none Apple H/W

First refer to one of the methods found in this guide. Hence, install the Mac OS X first.

Then you need to know that the:

a.) sound will come from the back earphone port jack,

b.)  standard monitor performance coming from the on board graphics processor will not show the best image.

So, decide to have a bit of investment. Do not worry; you do not have to spend more than $60 bucks on these:

a.)    Buy a USB audio stick or audio dongle 

b.)    Buy a Gigabyte GeForce 210


Before installing these devices, first remember to remove NVEnabler.kext from the /System/Library directory or wherever it is found. Put all the above hardware and boot up your DC7800 and it should work as normal, you will now have superb video graphics experience.


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