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Calling Excel from R in a Mac OS X Environment

July 31, 2016

I aRlogom one of those who often need to flip between Excel or R depending on the needs of the client. Calling Excel in R is not that trivial so here are some notes on how to do that. So let’s say that you have an Excel VBA program that you want to take over after R has done its job.
You use the system2 command in R like so
> system2(“/Applications/Microsoft\\ Excel”, c(“/Users/Extranosky/Temp/VehicleRepair.xlsm”))
The second argument should not have spaces in its file or directory name. I have not had success in passing a file name to be opened by Excel in this platform that had spaces in its directory.

This command will call up Excel open up the file as an argument and hopefully you got an open event in that VBA so things can be done seamlessly and automatically.

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