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Get Theoremus Textbook

Theoremus_Cover_for_Kindle This booklet will be of help to university students whose course requires them to take mathematical subjects that involve proving mathematical statements. Most textbooks in Discrete Maths teach students how to prove, but generally these textbooks are bulky to read and do not discuss some important philosophical issues like fallacious arguments.

Ideal for freshmen and sophomore maths students, its advantages are:

  1. It makes students aware and avoid fallacious arguments.
  2. It helps students form valid assertions by teaching them the rules of logical deduction.
  3. It contains a good number of examples of proofs.
  4. It is portable, concise and can be read in one sitting.

To preview  the Table of Contents, please click Theoremus-1stEd-TOC.
Price of the guidebook: A$7.70 (includes GST). The PDF version will be e:mailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. NOTE: When buying by Credit Card make sure you put your e:mail address in the PayPal payment form and also in the Add special instructions to the seller(found somewhere down below the form).
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