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I am a university Maths, Stats and IT lecturer but I have tutored kids from Years 7-12
and tertiary math majors too!

I have more than 10 years experience in teaching and tutoring maths and stats

Some of my former students who were weak in maths winded up taking degree
programs that have major math components such as finance, economics etc.

My coaching can transform your teenager from being scared of maths to being bold in

I was weak in maths when I was young boy and so I know how it is to struggle with
what appeared to be something mysterious and esoteric – such as maths. I was
intrigued with it so much that I have my Bachelor’s degree in Maths and my Doctorate
in Maths too!

I am a maths textbook author. I care for struggling students so much that I wrote this
text book for them: you can see it at Amazon –

Here are the universities where I have taught or currently teaching:
– Monash University (Current)
– Federation University (Current)
– Charles Sturt University (Past)
– Holmes Colleges (Past)

I am available to teach some evenings and definitely on week ends, so please call or
email to make an appointment.

I am available to travel around the Whittlesea area and nearby suburbs

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